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Where Sheldon Stands

Knowing a candidates stance on political issues helps you as a voter to choose a person whose beliefs and values most directly align with your own. Sheldon's stances are influenced by his faith and experiences as a rural farm owner, small business owner, and leadership experiences. 

The Sanctity of Life

The sanctity of life is very important to Sheldon. He believes that life starts at conception and ends at natural death. Sheldon and Sharin have lived their lives with that sanctity in mind. They were Foster and Adoptive parents for both Wadena and Ottertail County.

Election Integrity

Election integrity is of utmost importance for our Country. A photo ID is required for almost anything we do in life, but it is not required at the polls. Sheldon supports requiring a photo ID for voting in Minnesota. As a Wadena County Commissioner, Sheldon voted to eliminate all unsupervised ballot boxes in Wadena County. As your next State Representative, Sheldon will continue to support removing all unsupervised ballot boxes in Minnesota.

Support for Military, Police, & Veterans

Sheldon has always been a strong supporter of our police, military, and veterans. As a Wadena County Commissioner, her regularly supported the Wadena County Sheriffs Department and local municipal police departments by making sure their needs were brought to the table during discussions about public safety. The continued demoralization of our police is something that needs to stop, and Sheldon has been a voice of support for them locally.

Sheldon has also been a supporter of our local military and veterans. Our veterans have served this country and they have more than earned our support on the local and federal level. Sheldon will continue to support and advocate for support of those who currently serve and have served our country as your next State Representative.

Elimination of Tax on Seniors' S.S.

Minnesota is one of the few states that still tax our seniors' Social Security Benefits. For many seniors, they have paid taxes all their life and should not have to pay again when they receive their Social Security Benefits. Sheldon supports eliminating taxes on our seniors' Social Security Benefits.

Defender of the 2nd Amendment

As a Wadena County Commissioner, Sheldon voted to make Wadena County a Second Amendment Dedicated County to protect the rights of residents. He also supported the efforts of adding a gun range in Wadena County, despite multiple lawsuits. The county won in all cases and the gun range is now open and being utilized by multiple area schools' Trap Teams.

Support of Small Business/Small Farm

Sheldon has been both a small business owner and a farmer. Sheldon grew up working in his parents' family business, Monson Oil in Leonard, Minnesota. After going to Wadena Technical College, he went into the electrical trade. After a few years of gaining experience, he started his own electrical contracting company business where he saw the benefits and struggles of owning and running a small business, including having employees. 

Sheldon also worked on the family dairy farm in Leonard, Minnesota and started his own small farm when he moved to Wadena in 2004, Heritage Acres. Sheldon and his family raised sheep, chickens, turkeys, and a number of other animals.  They sold their products at local famers markets. Sheldon and his family were also involved in 4-H where their children showed many of the animals at county fairs, including horses.

Tax Reform/Tax Simplification

Taxes in Minnesota are some of the highest in the Midwest. We need to lower taxes across the board and make our tax system far simpler. Sheldon will support lowering our taxes as well as making Minnesota taxes more competitive so businesses can remain in our great state.

Radio Ad #1 (Prolife, 2 nd Amendment, Police..)

Paid for by Sheldon Monson for House Committee. This is Sheldon Monson

Candidate for Minnesota House District 5B. I have met many of you at your

parades and at your doors the last couple months. As a Wadena County

Commissioner, I was successful in making Wadena County a 2nd Amendment

dedicated county. I stand as a defender of the Second Amendment, a supporter

of our Police, Military and Veterans. I am Pro-life, one that believes in the sanctity

of life. I am proud to be endorsed by the MN Police Association. I am the only

candidate to receive an A rating with the MN Gun Owners Caucus. I ask for your

vote on August 9 th .

Radio Ad #2 (Family, Hard Work ..has served me well..)

Paid for by Sheldon Monson for House Committee. This is Sheldon Monson

Candidate for Minnesota House District 5B. As a family man born and raised in

Minnesota, I have learned the core values of faith, family, and the rewards of hard

work. I have been a small business owner, master electrician, farmer, and

Wadena County Commissioner. I understand the need for sensible tax reform,

meaningful legislation that supports and not hinders small business and farmers,

and the need for strengthening our election integrity. I am excited to have the

opportunity to be a voice for our way of life in the Minnesota Legislature. I ask for

your vote on August 9 th .

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